Best Places to Locate Rat Poisons Safely

Rats are nocturnal rodents that are usually found in attics, in between walls, old cupboard corners. They usually hide in some corner of your houses, where they are difficult to locate. Rats are very dangerous creatures as they can spread many diseases. We have listed down where there are higher chances of finding a rat and usual places where you can put rat poisons. 

Places where you can put rat poisons

types of rat poisons we can use for rat control


Rats are known to be excellent tree climbers. And attics are located under the roofs and are isolated, which is a very easy place for rats to hide.

Rat poison can be placed inside the attic. Many times you will find that your attics are left unattended for a long time, that will cause dust-gathering up on the floor making it easier for rodents to reside.

Inside the walls

If you hear scribbling noises within your wall you should be very careful. This is one of the common places where rats hide.

The worst thing is that they can chew electrical wire-line inside the wall. It becomes difficult to put rat poison in the walls, in that case, what you should do is place rat poison at the entry and exit holes. Rats are known to have caused a lot of structural damage.

In your garden

There are many fruits, food left over and dog droppings that I left in your garden which can be easily consumed by rats. Placing rat poison throughout your garden can be very difficult as you will have to spend a lot of time spotting rat holes.

Also, many of you have children and pets so leaving rat poison throughout your garden doesn’t seem a good idea. So, lawns should be decluttered of leftover grass and branches.


drains are best places to put rat poisons

That can easily slip their way through the sewage system. Anti-rodent barriers should be placed inside the drains that prevent rats from entering them.

Poisons can be left out in drains which is the very effective method for rat eradication. They attract a lot of rats as they have plenty of food for the rats to go on.


Basements are used for storing food supply and it is not possible for you to visit and clean it every day this is the fact why rats are attracted to basements.

Additional to that pavements are also moist and warm. If you find rat droppings, you can easily place rat poison in basements, in order to get rid of them.


These are the places with finding the maximum probability of food. By going into the kitchen, they can easily find food.

Always make sure to lift up food containers that are not reachable by the rats or storing them in solid airtight containers. Also, clean your Stoves after cooking food.

Office buildings

These buildings are a good environment for rats to live as they will be protected from predators and rat infestation is often ignored in offices.

They usually hide in ventilation systems or near dustbins, you can get rid of rats by placing rat poisons near dustbins. 

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