Roof Rat Control (5 Successful Methods for)

Roof rat control is essential as there are many diseases, like salmonellosis that are caused due to contaminated food with their droppings. Roof rats are a serious threat as they are very small in size and have the ability to climb trees or power lines to enter your home. control of roof rats can be a serious struggle for homeowners. 

identify rat on roof for roof rat control

This kind of rats is usually found in South Eastern Asia. Finding out about roof rats’ intervention in your house is difficult as they are very small in size.

They can cause serious damage to costly items like ripping up of insulation from electrical wires and damaging furniture. You can find the presence of roof rats from their droppings, grease marks, rodent sounds, and bite marks. Now here are some of the successful methods of roof rat control.

1. Trimming trees near your house

The roof rats have the ability to climb up trees if you trim it all branches of trees that touch your Windows you can easily avoid the entry of rats. Also, if you have any fallen fruit, pick all the fruit as during winter they go in search for ripe fruits.

Proper Sanitation of your house is very essential. A clean yard free from wood piles and dry leaves is very essential as roof racks tend to nest in a pile of debris or old tree trunks. Remove vegetation around your lawn like grass clippings.

trimming trees as a good roof rat control method

2. Seal out openings

If you have openings on your doors and windows that can be an invitation to unwanted rodents. Try covering your windows with wire mesh. Floor drains should have tight-fitting grates.

Also, make sure that the door and the screen fit their frames properly and there is no space for the roof rats from gnawing them. To prevent rats from entering your property you will have to seal the doors and windows very well after night.

3. Leaving pet food

Make sure to not leave any food out, store food in airtight containers. Bulk food can be sealed properly and stored for later use. Roof rat control becomes difficult as we can eat almost everything that is available, so make sure not to leave any eatable outside.

4. Trapping

small mouse trap for roof rat control

You can control roof rat easily through trapping without the use of poisons. This is the most preferred type of roof Rat control, they are easily available in the market and cheap. The rat trap is a smart alternative to poisons.

Because many people complain that they have small children at home. The rat trap is becoming technologically advanced to keep your family safe from roof rats and diseases that are caused due to them.

5. Baiting

Baiting is a technique for roof rat control. There are few precautions that are to be taken for beating like the removal of any other alternate source.

While you are baiting for roof rats they should be placed at a distance of minimum 15 to 30 feet. They should be placed in places that are commonly visited by the rats.

Baiting is to be done constantly for a few days unless you get rid of the rats.

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