Impact of mouse droppings and how to clean them

Having rodents in your house is very disgusting. Along with that, it might even be very dangerous for the health of your family. Not only their bites their droppings also carry a lot of diseases which might be fatal for your family members. Many fleas can bite rodents and after that when the rodents bite human beings the diseases get passed on.

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So, we realize that rodents not only cause danger to your house but also your health. Many times, we ignore discussing rodent infestation and the health risks that are involved. Impact of one’s droppings can be very dangerous for your home and family.

Here are some of the diseases that can be caused due to mouse droppings.

How does a mouse dropping affect your home?

1. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

This is a serious respiratory disease that is caused by infected rodents through mouse droppings, you know even saliva. Though this disease is rare, it can be deadly. The symptoms include respiratory distress and fever. The worst part is children are more likely to contact this disease, as they are in close contact with the ground. There is also no specific treatment or vaccine for HPS.

2. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)

This is a viral infection caused due to Mouse droppings or urine. If this disease goes untreated, it can cause serious damage to the brain. This disease can also be passed to your pets. LCM is usually caused due to virus present in the blood and urine of the rodents.

3. Salmonella

This is caused when rodent droppings come in contact with food that your family consumes. Deaths due to this disease are very rare, but it can be extremely painful. Salmonella can be easily transmitted from human to human due to lack of cleanliness and hand washing. Children are in a high risk of catching this disease.

4. Leptospirosis

This is caused by the bacteria that comes in contact with rodent saliva. The initial symptoms include a headache, fever, muscle pain and diarrhea. Many a times this disease goes untreated, which can cause liver failure and in the worst case even death.

5. Rat Bite Fever

People get infected through this mainly through rat bites and the strangest part is, you can get this disease even when you come in contact with dead rats. It is important to apply some disinfectant on your wound and visit a doctor, if unattended it can be fatal to your health.

The chances of getting sick from mouse droppings all the maximum as people work in closed spaces, where these rodents are living actively. It is also believed that human beings can get viruses transmitted when they breathe air in contact with the droppings.

Pets and children are at the highest risk of contact with this virus as they are in close contact with the ground. The airborne transmission while cleaning your house also puts you into a risk. Previously unused buildings such as garages are also home to rats and rodents.

How will you clean mouse droppings?

So, if you see any sign of rat infestation in your home like mouse droppings, squeaks and noises at night, gnaw marks, nibbles and hole marks and nests. If there are any such signs, you should take immediate action to get rid of your rat problem. Now we saw the various diseases that are caused due to Mouse droppings now let us look into how to clean them.

In the initial level, you also have to understand if the mouse droppings of recent or old.

Old droppings are usually dusty and fresh rat droppings are dark and Shiny. If the droppings are new there might be rodents in your home, so first, you will have to remove them from your house and then do the cleaning part.

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  • First of all, when you find out Mouse Droppings you will have to open as many as doors and windows possible to allow proper ventilation. So that you are not at risk of airborne infection. We have heard many cases where people suffer from HPS due to the cleaning of confined spaces which are home to rodents.
  • Also, when you find dropping don’t start of the dust by sweeping them. First spray some disinfectant over the area, like bleach with water. This is essential so that you don’t come in direct contact with the infestation. If you start the dusting without applying some disinfectant you might inhale the virus through your mouth or nose.
  • Wear proper protection while cleaning them, like rubber gloves. Use paper to pick the dropping and dispose of the garbage. Protection such as rubber gloves must be worn so that you can avoid direct contact with the droppings.
  • Next, after the dropping has been removed disinfectant has to be poured in the contaminated areas. It is believed that human being can get sick with the virus that is contaminated with the mouse droppings. After picking up the droppings with paper place them inside a plastic bag and seal them. Dispose of these plastic bags outside your home.
  • After the prior step, mop the entire area, clean the furniture where there are any mouse droppings.
  • Steam clean carpets and wash beddings with proper detergent or soap solution. If you get any evidence of rodent exposure on your beddings and clothing, wash them with hot water. Washing your hands after cleaning everything is very necessary.

Cleaning of Dead Rodents

Cleaning of dead rodents and rats can be a very Messy task. You might be exposed to dirty smell or worse than that viruses.

  • Always remember to wear a latex glove
  • Spray the dead rodent and its nest along with the surrounding area with some disinfectant
  • Let the rodent soak in the solution for around 10 minutes
  • Place the dead rodent in a plastic bag and seal the bag tightly
  • After that through the bag into the trash that is cleaned regularly
  • Mop the floor with bleach
  • After completing the entire step wash your hands thoroughly with soap

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