Rat Control: Safe rat controlling methods at home

Getting rid of rats or other rodents can get very difficult. Rat control should be your priority when you find them in your house. These unwanted guests cause harm to your home. For getting rid of rats first you will have to identify them. Rats are usually small creatures that can easily in invade in a house and spread a variety of diseases.

Many diseases are caused by rats like rat bite fever, plague, and leptospirosis. Rats are usually found in areas that are good with food and water and also protective shelter, especially in basement or attics during the winter season. Safe rat control methods should be practiced and avoid using poisons as they can cause harm to children and pets.

These rodents act as zoonotic vector and pass diseases from various bacteria. Rodents can be identified by their droppings or various holes in the furniture. Rodents and rats should be removed from your house as soon as you find them, as they are a threat to human health and property. Now, let us look into easy ways by which rat control can be done.

It is very essential to maintain cleanness in your house, especially in basements and yard areas where there are chances of rat intrusion. It is essential to see all the roles and entries specially vents for small openings to avoid entry of rats.

Rat control using rat traps

use rat trap with cheese as a safe rat controlling methods

This is the most common way in which you can get rid of the rat, but for this earlier, you need to remove all the food sources available in your house before setting up a rat trap. Keep garbage cans closed and food in sealed containers.

Fix all the openings to food sources and stuff your things carefully, and close common rodent access points. Metal mesh can be used to close in any kind of entry through the doors and windows.

Also, you must know the right place to Set the trap. Setting us a trap is a very cost-effective way, to get rid of rats.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil can be put on cotton balls at entry points of the rats. This oil keeps off rats. Many people use peppermint oil for rat control. Along with this your house also keeps smelling good.

You can repeat this step for a few days to get the best results. As rats have an amazing sense of smell, often refreshing and pleasant smells are offensive for rats.

Also, remember to keep replacing the Cotton balls, after they dry off. You can also go for mint flavored toothpaste or peppermint leaves.


If you place mothballs, in basements and attics, they can repel both rats and mice, from your house. Not only for rat they are also harmful to humans.

These are also called naphthalene balls and are very easily available in the market. For any kind of rat control, you must know where the rats live, and for where they enter your house.

Encouraging natural predators

use cats to catch rats as a safe rat controlling methods

Your issue of safe rat control can be done by using natural predators like cat and dog. In these cases, death is usually very quick. This is not a bad idea to scare off a rat.

Also, cats are known to be very good Predators, that solves the case of rat infestation. Also, if you have pets remember too, not keep pet food out overnight. In many cases, even predator urine is used as a tool to rat control.

Natural predators like owls and snakes can also control rats in your lawn. To avoid rats and rodents in your lawn you can install the nesting box near a tree so that owls keep visiting your house.

Owl feathers can also be used in your house, as it acts as a wonderful repellent for rat control. This is because you cannot bring out owls and snake in your house. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

Sound machine

use electronic rat control sound machine as a safe rat controlling methods

There are many high-pitched UV sound machine that is used for rat control. Ultrasonic electronic pest control devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are not tolerated by rats and rodents.

Also, it is the easiest way through which you can control the pest. For best results, the device location should be at the center of your house. So that they are not easily blocked off by furniture.

Though, total elimination of rats is not promised through this device. This is considered as, the easiest way because you just have to plug the device in and leave.


Ammonia is famous as a cleaning agent, but it also acts as repelling agents. Ammonia has a very strong smell which is usually hated by rodents. You can use this by pouring ammonia over the spots which are usually visited by rats.

You can create a solution of ammonia using 2 cups of ammonia in 100 ml of water and pour it on the ground or keep it in a bowl in locations that are visited by rats. The pungent smell that Ammonia has is enough to make mice die.


Other household ingredients

There are many ingredients like pepper, that have a very sharp smell. When a rat smells of pepper, their lungs get reacted and they die. This is easy to use as you can Sprinkle a small amount of black pepper near the corners of your house.

Onions are known to have a pungent smell which is not tolerated by rats and Rodents. You can easily cut small slices of onions and place them near the places which are commonly visited by rats. You can replace the onion after it dries or rots with time.

Bay leaf has an attractive smell which attracts rats, and after they consume it, it is harmful to their metabolism due to which they die.

The smell emitted by red chilly is also known to scare off rats and other rodents, you can place dried chilly near window openings or door holes to scare off.

Cloves are also known to have a peculiar smell that scares off rats as they are highly sensitive to smell.

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