Pest Control: 5 Safety Equipment You May Use While Pest Controlling at Home

Pest control requires a lot of safety. When you will be doing pest control in your house there are various kinds of pest controlling that include, insecticides, or rodenticide that contain many harmful chemicals. These Chemicals need to be openly mixed, for spraying, that can be harmful.

While handling chemicals you should be very familiar with the pesticides that you will be using and knowing how it is packed is important for users.

Also, if you are mixing dry formulas making sure that you don’t inhale these particles is important. So, there are many types of safety equipment that you might want to use while having safe pest control. Spills and mixing can be very dangerous without having safety equipment.

1. Chemical resistant gloves

Chemical resistant gloves

Your hands are at the maximum risk while you are using chemicals. Remember to never stir chemicals with your hands, use a stick. Read the directions given in the pest control chemical.

If you want to handle Chemicals with a piece of mind you should go for chemical resistant gloves. These gloves also provide a strong grip so that you can work in which areas safely and with comfort.

2. Respiratory mask

Respiratory mask for pest control

If you are mixing dry chemicals there are high chances that you might inhale them. If you inhale these dry chemicals it might give you a cough. Respiratory masks are essential for working in attics.

When you wear this the respirator cartridges remove the contaminants and you can breathe clean and fresh air. Pesticide sprays are often breathed through the mouth and nose, that can cause harm even to a lung.

3. Protective garments

Protective garments for pest control

Protective Garments are usually suits that come with full zip suits along with pant legs and a hood. This suit covers your skin from chemicals.

While using pesticides remember to use them in a well-ventilated area wearing personal protective equipment.

Also, remember to wash your hand properly as an accumulation of the Chemicals may cause serious contamination. If you are mixing liquid chemical there are chances that it can get absorbed into your skin if you don’t wear protective garments.

4. Safety Boot

Safety Boot

When you are mixing liquid chemicals, for pest control. There are many times when there will be spills, that can harm your feet. Wearing safety boot prevents your feet from any kind of spills.

When you spray pesticides, there are chances that it might be exposed to your foot, but when you wear safety Boots the chances get reduced.

Harmful Chemicals which are present in pesticides can cause infection to your skin.

5. Washable cover all

When you are handling pesticides, there are chances that it might get absorbed into your skin to direct contact.

If you wear washable cover all over your full sleeve dress, the chances of getting in direct contact with harmful Chemicals reduces to a lot.

This washable cover all covers all your dress up to the wrists to the ankles. And provide safety to you. As it is washable, you can reuse it after every wash. And slashes while mixing and preparing the pesticides or while spraying it can be avoided.

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